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Colt Chest Cut

Sorry I haven’t kept in touch better. Thought I would send you a picture of the colt that got cut badly in her chest. She is completely healed. She is obviously in her winter clothes but when I part the hair where the cut was there is no gap. It has completely haired over. I just wish we would have known about your product sooner before we had her stitched. There is a hard ridge along the cut where the stitches were. I hope that won’t hinder her later. She seems to move freely now but I have no way of knowing if her gait is natural or if she is compensating for the tightness in that area. Anyway, just wanted you to see the end result and to let you know if you need a testimonial from me about your product I will be more than happy to give one. I only wish I would have had it on hand for previous wounds over the years that my animals have received. It truly is wonderful stuff.

Connie B.
Ainsworth, NE

Horse Leg Wound II

As always, during the last 18 years of using your Woundade solution we have had unbelievable results.

Wayne M.
Lexington, KY

Horse Impalement on Gate

Dear Woundade,

We have a 4 yo OTT Tb that was forced thru a metal gate by another horse approximately a week ago. During the struggle, the horse became impaled on a metal gate holder which resulted in massive chest wall damage to the left side with a large laceration involving the left pectoral chest muscle. The vet immediately sutured the entire skin flap and pectoral muscle back. However, 3 days later, the incision line separated due to the massive inflammation of the muscles, resulting in the wound I am currently dealing with. I am currently doing wet to dry dressings on this wound once a day and the horse in on double antibiotics due to an infection as well. Is your product able to be used with dressings?

Thank you,

Teri K.
Morrisdale, PA


Good Morning Woundade,

I must say, I do owe you gentlemen a HUGE apology for doubting your product! Within one (1) week, I’ve removed the drain and also 15 sutures from this gelding’s chest! I’ve also went from ten (10) 4×4 gauze down to ONE! I’ll keep sending you weekly updated and pictures. If possible, I’d really like to do an entire page and write up on your product on our website if you’d like. I do equine rehab here at our facility on a small basis with these types of wounds. And, it’s always thru a vet or farrier referral to us. I really can’t thank you enough for your wonderful product and once again, please accept my apology!


Teri K.
Morrisdale, PA

Teri K Before.jpg

Before Woundade

Teri K one week later.jpg

1week after woundade

bigbears c.jpg


Dog Bit by Western Diamondback Rattlesnake

Hi my name is Norma S., I spoke to Tim on Saturday about my German Sheppard dog named Rocky, who got bitten by a western diamondback rattlesnake three times on his face, this happened approximately 12 days ago. He has a large open wound on his face, I will send you some pictures and will use Woundade to try and heal my dog, and I will keep in touch with his progress.

Here are some recent pictures of Rocky’s wound. He is doing great, now we know that Woundade can also heal wounds from a western diamondback rattlesnake.


Norma S.
Brownsville, TX

Dog Snake Bite 2.JPG


Dog Snake Bite After 1.JPG


Yearling Colt Snake Bite

Dear Woundade,

I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for such a wonderful product. My yearling colt had a HUGE gaping hole in his jaw from some type of trauma or snake bite. The flesh just melted off leaving a palm sized hole that was perhaps three inches in depth. The end of his jaw bone was exposed. Very bad looking. I ordered a large spray bottle and used it daily per directions. It is now almost healed. Less than a quarter in size. I have attached a before picture so you can see just how bad it was. The middle piece of skin sloughed off leaving a hole that couldn’t be bandaged. Again, thanks for a great product.

Jan M.
Armuchee, GA

Snake Bite Horse After.jpg



Goats Attacked by Dogs

Hello Woundade,
I just want to thank you for this awesome product. It works like nothing I have ever seen. My husband and I have pet goats. On Dec. 23 2006 our neighbor’s dog got into them. Unfortunately, one of the kids was killed. Her mother survived, but had a good size chuck of flesh taken from under her left leg up close to her body. Looked like approximately 8-10″ across and 2-3″ deep. Randy figured she would have to be put to sleep because the injury was so deep and large. Her ears were slightly shredded too. Our vet came by, sewed up what he could, bandaged it and gave us some type of salve to use on the area. After a few days, the wound was icky and smelly. We didn’t see much healing at all. The vet then gave us some powder to use on but it didn’t do much better. We were beginning to lose hope. Then he came by with Woundade. He said he wasn’t that familiar with it himself, but had been told this was “the bomb” for injuries such as this. He told us to give it a try. Within 2 days we could tell a great difference. It was cleaner, looked so much better and as of this weekend the wound has shrunk to approximately an inch wide. She is using the leg more and we think she’ll come out just fine. As a matter of fact, she just kidded again last weekend and is doing well. This product is the best. Our vet has now seen firsthand what it does and we recommended it to out friends and fellow farmers, many of whom raise and board horses. I forgot to note it was her front left leg. A gaping wound from the top rear of her leg down to the first joint. We could see bones and tendons from every angle. Incidentally, when Randy came in from the barn last night he said her injured area was less than ” across now and went on singing the praises of Woundade. We look for it to be totally healed by this weekend.

Thank you again for creating such a wondrous product.

Tammy and Randy R.
Paris, KY

Horse Leg Wound

Dear Folks at Woundade,
I want to thank you for your prompt shipment and I have great news to report. I started spraying Rosie’s foot as soon as I received the Woundade. (Rosie is 31 inches tall; she is a mini and more like a family member than a horse.) Let me tell you it was bad and I couldn’t stop the bleeding because she actually tore the skin off the side of her foot. The gash was horrible and I thought we were going to have to put her down. I sprayed her down the Friday I got the Woundade. No bugs, no flies, nothing bothered it. I just kept praying and spraying. I took her bandages off three days ago because she wasn’t limping and it seemed not to bother her a lot. I also remembered you advised air drying. Well this morning I let her out of her stall into the pasture. She even did a little bucking and kicking. The cut is healing from the inside out. It still isn’t pretty but it is healing clean. The inside where the skin is missing is healing over and is dry. NO drainage at all. I am just shocked.


Thank You,
Arlene C.
Trenton, FL

Dear Woundade, (Update on Rosie)
I am just so excited about the progress of Rosie’s foot. The gash has closed up and now we are working on where she tore the hide off. It is getting smaller week by week. I am a true believer in Woundade. My friends with horses can’t believe the improvement. Looks like she in truly going to be ok! No limping, no infection and as well as it closing probably very little scaring. I’m telling everybody to put Woundade in their in their bags and use it. By the way this stuff works on people pretty good too. My husband skinned his arm on the tool box in our truck. I grabbed the Woundade and sprayed him too! He said it doesn’t burn or sting at all. His arm is healing too. I know one thing you all are welcome in our barn anytime! From my place to yours thanks so much. The bugs and flies hate your stuff by the way. Kept the wound good and clean too. I am going to push Woundade in the horse club I belong to as well as promote the product at shows. You can bet from here on out your product will always be in my caddy of health supplies. When I go to shows Woundade is going to go too. Never know what can happen.

Much heart felt thanks,
Arelene C.
Trenton, FL

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