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Pet Wound Care with Woundade

Woundade for Dogs and Cats:
Woundade has been shown to enhance the healing of pet wounds cause by surgical incisions and wounds caused by trauma (Red Label). Veterinary clinicians have reported excellent results in healing of chronic wounds that fail to heal by conventional therapies.

Red Label – can be applied to wounds of all types including burns, surgical incisions, cuts and trauma, and can be applied to the skin, oral mucosa, gingiva, cornea and mucous membranes of the eyes, subcutaneous tissues and muscles. Apply Woundade immediately after an injury, especially wounds caused by burns. Also, Woundade may be used to accelerate the healing of infected and chronic wounds. In chronic wounds, there may be excessive granulation tissue which should be surgically removed, and then apply Woundade immediately to the fresh wound.

Monosaccharide sugars, sodium chloride, natural trace essential minerals from sea salts, essential herb oils from Brassica napus L. and Syzyqium aromaticum plants. Buffered with sodium salts of organic acids.

Woundade has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties that allow wound healing to occur. In addition it has a natural analgesic property that relieves the pain and itching.  The combination of the these two properties make Woundade a unique product for healing chronic non-healing wounds related to allergic reactions that cause intensive itching and burning. Woundade will relieve the pain caused by these allergic reactions.

Dosage and administration:
Apply Woundade two to three times daily. For optimal healing, the wound should be left open to fresh air, Woundade has been formulated to be used alone on wounds and should not be used with any other material that may inhibit wound healing or promote super-bacterial infections.

Side effects:
There are no known side effects. Animals may have a desire to lick the solution as Woundade contains sugars and salts. When Woundade is applied the first time animals may have the desire to lick the solution from the wound. After a short period of time, due to the analgesic properties, animals will cease licking and traumatizing the wound.  With additional applications, rapid wound healing will then occur.

For Veterinary Use Only. Not to be used on animals intended for food. Keep out of the reach of children.


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